I am a huge fan of the Lunar Chronicles. This is a great backstory to Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts. If you’ve read the others then you will love this one. Even though it is a 2.5 book in the series, it is not necessary to read to enjoy the regular series. Although I normally dislike it when authors go back and write books that occur mid-series, this one does well as it is it’s own story and does not effect the regular story. Pick it up and read it.

Good Omens

This is a funny look at the coming Anti-Christ. Fun to see an angel and devil working together. So much of this clever little book was plotted well. The end felt a little rushed and I would have liked to have a little more views of young Adam. But all in all it was worth the read. Especially if you can catch the BBC audio rendition.

The Conference of the Birds

This is book 5 is the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series. Fast paced and exiting with a little love interest mixed in. This one was a fun read, if you’ve enjoyed the Peculiar children so far. However it does leave you knowing there is a book 6. I have not researched it but I expect book 6 to be a major conclusion.

Tunnel of Blood

This is the third installment of the Cirque de Freak series. If you have read the first two books of the vampire’s apprentice then you’ll enjoy this brief read. Darren is bumbling through his role as best he can when he finds out that there is more to the vampire world than he thought. Including a society that is fractured. It will be interesting how the author takes this as we move forward through the series. I am looking forward to a deepening world as we learn more and more about this secret society.

The Tyrant’s Tomb

This is the fourth book in the Trials of Apollo series. If you’ve followed the Percy Jackson series as I have this spinoff series is just as fun to read. Old friends are back and things are just as dire as ever. Obviously I enjoy Rick Riordan’s writing and if you do too, make sure you pick up the Trials of Apollo series. Last book supposed to be out early October 2020.

Gregor the Overlander

Before Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins wrote Gregor the Overlander. While her writing has gotten better as she has grown as an author, this is still a good read. Definitely a middle-grade book with lots of adventure and wonder making it a fun little read. If you are up for a New York crossover of Alice in Wonderland and journey to the center of the earth, pick it up and enjoy.

A Map of Days

If you have not read any of the the tales Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children. You should. Ransom Riggs does a great job with this premise and even though the last book was the clear end of the trilogy, book 4 did not disappoint. Although the storyline and times feels meandering and then rushed it is still a fun read and a chance to see the world a little differently. An amusing read worth four stars.