Time Bomb

This is the next book on the Jonathan Kellerman series for Alex Delaware. It has good pacing and follows a good logic. Alex is your typical 007 hero that needs to sleep with anything in a skirt. This novel is interesting because it deals with Racism and elitism. As with the rest of the series thus far the cop partner is gay but everyone automatically assumes he is too because they work together. To me it does have a dated view and could be offensive if looked at with a modern eye. That said the ending is a bit fantastical but at least believable to a degree. If you’ve read the series thus far then none of this will be news to you. If you’ve read this far then this book is no different than the prior books and the writing is quality yet dated.

Allies of the Night

This was book 8 of the series and as fast paced as usual. Old friends join us in this latest adventure. Albeit the final twists are not as surprising as one would expect, it definitely leaves you on a cliff hanger. If you have enjoyed the story this far, this latest story will not disappoint.

The Looking Glass Wars

I have read several retakes on the Alice in Wonderland story. I do have to say that this one was well done. I picked it up because it was required reading for my 13 year old. The reimagining of the characters was pleasant as was it being a different storyline. This one will not disappoint you, if you’re a Wonderland fan as I am.

Silent Partner

Book 4 of the Alex Delaware series. The psychologist is at it again solving issues and sleeping with more women than James Bond. Given the time period the writing is understandable, however the female characters do remain cardboard cut outs / damsels in distress. I was hoping for a total different direction on the ending, however the closure is satisfying. Reminder that these books though not too graphic deal with a lot of death and sex. There are numerous scenes I felt would not have hurt the story to have left out. All of that said, I did enjoy the novel and will continue to read through the series.

Guide to Optimum Health

If your looking for a step toward natural healing and an intro into alternative medicines, pick this one up. I like the idea of holistic healing and utilizing the herbs that have been effective for thousands of years. I like the balance that Dr. Weil puts forth that there is a place for all types of healing. I think we have become too closed off to the familiar. Take a minute and consider that there are other methods that work, the peruse this book. If none of it appeals to you, at least you have the background on another viewpoint.

Over the Edge

This is the third book in the Alex Delaware thriller series by Jonathon Kellerman. This I did not feel was as R rated, few scenes but still for a mature audience. I did enjoy the novel. It has good pacing and lots of twists as you unravel the plot. Presented in a believable fashion that keeps you very engaged. If you are looking for good read this would be a great choice, but be aware that this is book deals with death, homosexual topics, murder, sex, and similar topics.

Blood Test

To start off, this is not YA and a few of the parts were definitely R rated. That said, I still am enjoying the thriller series. The descriptions are balanced without the author being too verbose but giving just enough detail to give you a clear image. To me the ending was a bit rushed and I would have liked to see the main character having done a little more planning before diving in front of the bullets. Still feeling like this series at least inspired Alex Cross / James Patterson.

The Grimm Conclusion

Well if you have read the other two books then of course you’ll need to finish it off. As with the other two it is a fun take on the Grimm stories. That said, the humor injected into various spots in this novel keeps it light even though it is very dark. Still sticking with YA for this even though the reading level feels more middle grade, I could see it disturbing some of the younger kids. All said I enjoyed this series and will be on the watch for other books by Adam Gidwitz in the future.

In A Glass Gimmly

This is a fun second novel follow up. If you enjoyed the first then the second will delight. Sit down and bundle up and follow Jack and Jill on a delight some adventure. As with Grimm stories there is a little blood and gore so would not recommend for really young children, but any over the age of ten should enjoy this. I am excited to finish the series and see where the author takes it next.

When the bough breaks

So this is the first novel I have read by Jonathon Kellerman. It is a little dated having been published in 1985. That being said it was still a fun thriller to read. The pacing was nice. I find it funny that it is a Doctor named Alex for those who follow my Alex Cross obsession. Albeit this Alex is a lot more vigilante as he is not a cop. At least he has a badge that declares him a special consultant. I am excited to see where the series goes as it encompasses 36 books so far.