Glorious Appearing

Book 12 in the Left Behind series. This brings us through the end of the last days and into the millennium. That said it also turns a corner on the authors writing, which to this point has been very confident now we hear a lot from the main character things like, “I don’t know how that will work.” Albeit the entire series is fiction I feel that comes out more in this book than any of the previous books in the series. Still the series overall is interesting and this will not keep me from finishing the final book in the series.

The Golden Vendetta

Second to last book of the Copernicus Aechives. Plenty of fast paced action. Twists and turns everywhere. Wrapping up the series, this book was the perfect balance as buildup and standalone storyline. This series is great but be warned that a lot of people die. If your YA reader is sensitive be forewarned.

The Serpent’s Curse

In reading order book 3 of the Copernicus series. Still lots of action and near misses. While two force battle each other through a man and his children. Boy this time the clock is ticking. Shall be interesting to see how this series gets concluded as it is far less books than one would assume would need to be ing this series. No change in my opinion that this is a lot like 39 Clues.

Wade and the Scorpion’s Claw

The suggested reading for this series puts this book as the second to read. It is interesting and introduces us to more bad guys. However, this was an instance when they really did not accomplish much aside from meeting other players in the race. More and more it is like 39 Clues. If you enjoyed that series, then this would be right up your alley.

The Forbidden Stone

Book 1 of the Copernicus Legacy series. This book is reminiscent of the 39 Clues series. Fast pace, lots action / near misses. Barely escaping the bad guys. Kids vs adults in following the clues to the prizes. This YA series would play well for fans of 39 Clues. If you have an adventure loving YA in your life, this would be a good one to have them try out.

Pet Sematary

The master of horror gets dark with this one. In the prologue he states that this novel almost was never published because of how dark it is. After reading this I completely understand. Very well written and something that could leave you with nightmares. This book is very adult themes and language. I am impressed by the delivery but cannot recommend to and sane person. If you’ve seen the movie then the book follows it pretty well from what I remember. Definitely the things that go bump in the night.

Discovering the Quality of Success

This book is a nonfiction book talking about ways we can be better ourselves. There are several touching stories and a lot about just living a quality life. Albeit dated, we have only seen the things he talks about getting worse. My favorite part is him talking about the fact that craftsmanship is getting less and less and points out that prefab housing is an indicator of this. Broken up in small bite sized topics, this short 10 chapter book is a quick read.

The Mystery of the Lost Village

Book 37 of the Boxcar Children. This was an exciting book that felt well researched. Lots of cool Native American historical information sprinkled in (Navajo specifically). It was enough to make me want to look further into how the Native Americans lived and thrives in the wilds of North America. I suggest you do not miss this one.