What happens when you begin to emaciate despite eating like normal. Oh how we can shift the blame. This book is very insightful as to how we vilify others. And how we can do this to those that are closest to us. As disturbing as this book is it definitely speaks to a dark part of human behavior. As always adult only recommended.

The Poison Frog Mystery

Book 74 of the Boxcar Children Mystery series. Not just a great fun story but also another way to find a suspect. It was a fun way to learn about endangered animals. Lots of strange goings on at the zoo and many suspects but the crimes are strange leaving clues that lead us in a whole new direction. Enjoy this one.

The Gymnastics Mystery

Book 73 of the Boxcar Children series. What a fun heartwarming mystery where we can cheer for a Russian. So much hate in the world today, it is great to see and cheer for others. Lots of suspects him this one up not leaving us with just one perpetrator. Enjoy this one.

Winter Turning

Book 7 of the Wings of Fire series. As has been the themes as we go, this time we dig into the icewing dragons. I love the varied cultures as we go from tribe to tribe. I like how this compares to segregation and racism in the day. Little on the nose to have the blacks and whites against each other and for them to feel racially superior and consorting let alone mating between races be so frowned on. Aside from that it was fun and fast paced without being too heavy handed despite being so on the nose. Still have to recommend it and the series as a whole.

The Art of Showing Up

I think this should be companion reading to anyone reading How To Win Friends and Influence People. This book talks about how to foster the various relationships we find ourselves in. It doors a great job at talking about the why to step out of our comfort zones and have those serious talks. Highly recommend you pick this one up.

Raise Your Game

This is a great book. Whether you come at this material from business, self-improvement, or sports, you’ll reach the same conclusions. The themes I truly enjoyed from this book were: success takes hard work, be the best at what you do, know yourself (strengths and weaknesses) and show gratitude. If you can master those items then you will be successful.

Super Powereds Year 3

This third book in the series really amps it up. Aside from growing and surprising new facets to their powers, this group of young college students will be tested far more than before. If you have read the previous two books then you are in for more and greater. Word of caution to those who do not like crass language as it does pervade the book. Outside of that it is a fun and fast moving read. Hope you enjoy it too.

Moon Rising

Book 6 of Wings of Fire. This was a very interesting change from the first three books. I love the direction and it feels like it should have been book one with a modified series title. That said I love the new direction. I am hoping for lots of twists and turns as we move forward. It definitely leaves you wondering what will happen next.