Science Fictions

How real are all of those scientific break throughs? Albeit it is worrisome to think that all of the science data could be called into question, I think it would be worse to close our eyes to the thoughts brought up in this book. After reading this I wonder how broad these issues are in science. Although the author gives ideas on how to fix this issue, I am not sure this is an easy fix. Especially when you have studies that take decades to complete. For a long time I have felt that scientists could be less that honest when, after an intensive study, a theory is disproven. This seems to follow that same thought process and is sad to think how deep the corruption may be. Give it a listen and decide for yourself if the author might be on to something.

My Friend Slappy

The latest in SlappyWorld novels. This was a good read and different while being the same. This is an enjoyable novel and I would recommend it to read. Not too scary. This does deal with violence and bullying but I think the violence isn’t really repeatable so I would not worry too much based on the other novels in this series.

Making Sense of Grammar

This is a little different grammar book. Before you start to snore, this is a fun one. Albeit this relates more to British English than to American there is still a lot of pertinent information for Americans. A lot of the history of grammar is outlined and I enjoyed the examples on how we gain grammar. If you’re looking for a list of rules this is not the book for you. But if you want to like learning grammar, this is a good starting place.


I wish I would have read this book in college. He has a great approach to figuring out what the best fit for you is in your career search. This is worth the read if you are trying to figure out what you want to do or what you want to do next. If you’re thinking about a career pivot, this book will get you headed down the path to happiness.

Best Self – Be You Only Better

This book is exactly what you would expect from a life coach. His approach to how you view your life feels fresh and innovative. Albeit I did not do all of the exercises, I feel like the more you put into this the more you could take charge of your life. If you are trying to figure out what holds you back and want to take charge of your life. I recommend going through this as I feel it will be very valuable to you.

Once Upon a Dream

A twisted fairytale where the author changes one piece of the Sleeping Beauty story. The novel was a good read giving a different look at this age old tale. The ending is decent and it is a fun tale, just looking at about a 3 star story. Adventure story with a strong female lead however the prince feels very two dimensional. If you like the story of Sleeping Beauty then pick this one up.

They Call Me The Night Howler

This one diverged from all the books so far. This was more a superhero book and not sure how it fit in the theme thus far. Sorry to say if your one that needs to read every book in a series, but there is nothing to miss on this one. I did not hate the book as much as it sounds but felt like it should have been a stand alone, non-Goodebumps story.


Ready Player Two

I really enjoyed the first book and so was super excited for the second. An all new quest with a familiar cast of players. Due to adult themes and language I would be careful on the age you let read this one. Aside from that if you liked the first book, then you will like this second one. It is a fun twist on standard future AI fears and discussions and finishes well.

Diary of a Dummy

Book 10 in the SlappyWorld spin-off. This one features Slappy and some new tricks. Also a new member of the cast that seems to contradict the story to date. Seems odd to suddenly veer off. I hope the author comes back and irons this out. If he does not this book seems in contradiction to the storyline. Read it and you decide if you like the direction this one took.