Walk the Wire

Amos Decker is at it again, escaping sure death by only the narrowest of margins. This book was a fun read with great pacing. Nice twists keeps you guessing what is going on. The author continues to hint about big character changes coming for Amos, but has only given us crumbs leaving us guessing what will happen to the detective with the spectacular memory. This book does introduce us to another character and I wonder if he is from one of the author’s other series. If not, he should be. This is the last book in this series written to date so I will be starting another series while waiting for the next one. I still recommend this for those political thriller readers.


Amos is solving big crimes again. I liked the direction this one took. The author has still held out on the change that is happening. I am excited to see where it goes from here. The pacing was top notch and the story engaging. However, if Amos where a cat he would still be negative in lives. This was a good read and on my recommended list.

Bicycle Mystery

The Aldens cannot even take a bike journey without finding adventure. This was a good read for the reading level. But this one was not in my top 10. It was a fun adventure and there was plenty of action to keep the reader involved. It would be a good choice to pick up.

The Stranger

This was book 7 of the series and it was my favorite by far. The pacing is now on and the characters are finally coming into their own. It is strange for a series to get this far before hitting full stride, but it is now there. I can now see why there are so many books in this series. Strong recommend on this book and on the series. This book pushed to early YA in my mind. Seems a tad more violent than previous books.

The Fallen

This is the fourth book in the Amos Decker series and is a good read. The author nailed the pacing and plenty of twists and turns keeps you engaged. Loved the concept from long held prejudices to deep corruption. But then what else would you expect when Amos goes on vacation. The author hints at changes that could be capitalized further in upcoming novels. I am excited to see if he takes advantage of those hooks. Be aware this is an adult thriller based on adult content and language.

Tree House Mystery

Sometimes the Alden children can find a mystery without even leaving the house. That said this was a fun little read. However not one of my top favorites. That said the writing is far superior to when the series started. This classic story is still a recommend for those middle grade readers in your life.

The Fix

This is an Amos Decker book by David Baldacci. Book three by a very competent author. The pacing was superb and as long as you don’t mind the fact that the bad guys shoot worse than stormtroopers, Amos gets into plenty of scapes. I loved the writing and am excited to see where the author takes the story. It had been a long time since I read the first two but these book are stand alone enough that I was not lost. If you’re interested in a political thriller, open this book and enjoy.

Shen of the Sea

This was a book of Chinese children short stories. There is a lot of wisdom that can be gleaned from these types of tales. They are not that far different from our own Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel or many others. For a quick read to know how such fairy tales differ I would recommend this book. Albeit funny and silly in parts there is still much to gain from such a small book.

Crime Scene

To start off with, I did enjoy this book. That said, there were many ways this book could have gone and would have moved it from good to great. I love that there was a cameo appearance by Dr Delaware. Overall this was not a top 10 book. More because of missed opportunities than the content itself. Except for the stuff about Sam calling about the remains of his step father which just felt like a flat side story that could have been reduced or eliminated as I do not feel it added much to the story. Overall about 7/10, good story but not great.

In the Shadow of the Gods

I was defiantly not in the target audience for this book. I found it dull, confusing, and way too long for nothing to happen. This is not to say people who love epic fantasy will not like it. But I am not a huge fan and this book would not be the key to making me one. All that said the writing was fine, but felt a little purple. Sorry, but book 2 will be on my waiting list for a while. Guess they cannot all be winners.