The Murder Book

Alex Delaware is back only I felt he was more of a side character in this one. This book was more to do with Milo. I am a little mixed on this one as it was still a fun read and really great but far more different than the others. Also the language alone on this would push it far into the R rating. Not sure how I am feeling about the Robin relationship. I was very against her leaving him before, but this book put me far into the “just cut it off and get it over with” court. I really did feel like the author could have just said Robin went on tour and Alex missed her and been done with it. I did not feel that most of her story really added to the novel and really just made me want to be done with her. Maybe you’d feel differently but was not a big fan. Overall it was a good read and Milo even punched someone again so you have that to look forward to.

The Storyteller’s Secret

This book dives into the art of storytelling, but from the perspective of how we communicate with each other on a day to day basis. I feel that if you are studying persuasion learning the art of storytelling will really benefit you. The book does keep you engaged even though it is non-fiction and really makes you want to improve this skill.

Flesh and Blood

Alex in the thick of it again. This was not my favorite so far but was still pretty good. Defiantly mature audience advised. This one felt a little like it was jumping around in the beginning as though it was not sure where to go. Even looking back there are parts that feel mashed together although it is enjoyable. If you have read this far I think you’ll have no problem with this one. But still cannot call it a favorite.

Biohacking your brain

I like books that have medical background and this is that book. I like that she talks about healing the brain and not just from one perspective but through a number of things. I like that she lists out the supplements she thinks will help and why you should take it. All in all I would recommend this to anyone wanting to enhance their mind.

Dungeon Born

If you are old enough to remember the video game Dungeon Keeper then you’ll get the plot of this book. However the narrative the author puts to it, albeit with a lot of “gamer” terms thrown in is still fun. The pacing was good and kept me engaged. I loved the duel POV, that kept me from losing interest. All in all it is a recommend. Be warned that it is fantasy without a dragon. So if you cannot go a book without a dragon you will miss on this one, but there are vicious killer bunnies. How could you go wrong there?

The Riders of High Rock

Somehow I got out of order on this one and ended up on book 3 of the Hopalong Cassidy series. However as a stand-alone it read fine. No surprise that Louis L’Amour is one of the all time great writers. He keeps the story engaging and moving forward and so what if Cassidy is luckier than a rabbit with six feet. Fun read and excited to go back and read the first two. If you want to try your hand at Westerns Louis L’Amour is not a bad place to start. Considering this is my second western and the other was Louis L’Amour’s as well, I am not a great experts to the best in the field. But I can recognize great writing and you’ll be entertained all the way through this one.

Dr. Death

I felt like the tone of this book changed. Partly because this explored Alex sans Milo. Snooping and getting way too involved yet again. To me this novel was another step to typical thriller. That said it was very enjoyable and the pacing good. There is some pluses and minuses to this book but still consistent with Jonathon Kellerman’s previous novels. The book does raise the question on the ethics of assisted suicide. The novel feels inspired by Dr. Kevorkian but leaves the ethics of physician-assisted suicide in the background. Overall I did enjoy the novel.


Alex is after a serial killer. This novel is the closest so far to a standard thriller. Really drags you in and keeps the pages turning. Especially as red herring after red herring fools your thoughts at the killer. In the end it was a satisfying read more gruesome but less on the sex side. So I still rate it as a PG-13, but this has been my favorite so far.

Survival of the Fittest

This one surprised me because it felt more traditional thriller until the red herring was exposed. I did enjoy this one. Alex does get into danger again and we are back to The Milo and Alex team. This one bordered an ‘R’ rating, definitely PG-13, for sexual descriptions. This was an evaluation on elitism and give a lot to be thought about. Strong recommend to read if you’ve like them thus far. Jonathan Kellerman is now in full stride and the intrigue keeps the pages turning.

The Clinic

Alex is following yet another crimewave. This book goes back to the same setup as earlier novels focusing in on a specific psychosis. However, this was the rare novel where Dr. Delaware isn’t in real danger. The novel still reads well and feels more plausible than the last one. Still great pacing though I feel like the supporting cast was just background this time and it really focused just on Alex doing everything. A good read.