Podkayne of Mars

If you are a Robert Heinlein fan then you will get that this book is true to his form. It ends unexpectedly almost like it wanted it to be more and yet it wasn’t. Low on my recommend list just because it ended abruptly and I am not sure how the ending fits with any of the rest of the book. But if you are a true fan, go ahead. It is mostly entertaining.

The Life of Pi

I enjoyed the background and insights to animals and zoos. That has nothing to do with the shipwreck portion. I love the two viewpoints of the same experience, leaving it to the reader what really happened. The story moves well and keeps you turn the pages. This is a story you will not regret reading.

The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw

This is the third book in the Hero’s Guide books. If you’ve not read any of them, pick one up. They are more middle grade in content. You get the charming princes and princesses from all the stories. The characters are fun to follow and the pacing is good. If you know someone who enjoys a good adventure story, this would be one I would recommend.


If you want the normal James Patterson, then don’t read this. The writing was not as bad as I have seen other reviewers state. This IS NOT a thriller. This is a dystopian Sci-Fi. You’ve been warned. Given that there were a lot of predictable parts in the plot and had incestial overtones, the book was a 2.5 star read and I think you could skip it. All that said if you do read it, it has some Bladerunner tones with a Holocaust theme.

Meddling Kids

If you are an old school Scooby Doo fan this is a twist on that. Even to the point of trying to make the characters feel then. Albeit there is a considerable amount of cussing. I wanted to enjoy this book and did not hate it. But the thing that made Scooby Doo so amazing is that they could show you behind the curtain that all of it could be explained. This book just cops out to the supernatural. All in all I thought this book/ idea could have gone much further than the author took it.