Alex Delaware is taking on much larger fish in this one. Almost James Bond level in my opinion. Still the series is sliding further and further from its roots. Also, moving further and further from the believable coincidental. Will I keep reading the series? Yes. Am I hoping for something a little more mentally twisted? Yes. Is the formula still working? Yes. So I am not complaining as much as hoping at some point we get back to the deeply mentally disturbed.

Survival Quest

Another of the RPGLit books. I so far do not hate them. This one was good with some good pacing, albeit I am hoping a lot of the hooks are for coming books, otherwise a lot of this book could have been left out. That said, the plot line was good, with just the removal of large advisories feeling a little too simple. Would have liked to have seen some coincidences that made his life a lot harder instead of being in the right place at the right time stuff. This is a strong 3.5 stars.


Haunting Alex Delaware novel. This one was good and I enjoyed it. The pacing was good and it had a decent twist. That said there is some good and bad with this novel. Overall, I did enjoy it. But it had some identity crisis in what it wanted to be. We spend a bunch of time at the beginning with a character that has nothing to do with the rest of the novel. The bones seemed forced into the novel and even in the end did not really flow together. In the end, even with the problems I did enjoy it. Again these are all defiantly for a mature audience.

Dungeon Eturnium

The last of the divine dungeon series. Sad to see it end but all things must come to an end. Did I enjoy this one? Yes, did it still leave some loose ends that I wish had been cleared up? Yes. Was it still a fun and satisfying read? Yes. If you decide to pick up a series for a YA read whether for you or a friend, this would be a good acquisition. Most books I review I do through audio and this final book changed readers. I was less impressed by this reader and would rate the series as a whole lower if this had been the reader all along. Although, most of that could just be the change in readers and what I was used to. It was far less distracting by the end of the book. Happy Reading!

Dungeon Desolation

Yes, I liked this one and it kept me enthralled through the whole book. Super excited to be starting the final book in the series. This series is on my recommended list. I enjoyed the pacing and the steps of increase. This ended exactly where I figured it would. The next book should take us to the end and being the end of the series seems perfectly timed. If you’re looking for a fun adventure that will keep you smiling. Pick this up.

Dungeon Calamity

To say that Dakota Krout novels are my guilty pleasure would be spot on. This novel kept me pushing forward waiting to see what happens next. This novel reveals more about the dungeon’s history. Should be interesting what happens in the next two books. This book could be a series completion, but would leave the overarching issues unresolved. If you like light hearted long lasting novels. This is a good series. I am sure there are many that don’t like the twist in this, but I did.

Tuesdays with Morrie

There are few books that are life changers. This is one of those books. This book makes you want to be better. It really puts into perspective the consumerism and lack of forgiveness that exist in our culture. Also, I feel we have become more partially present instead of being where we are. The three things I want to do better having read this are 1- Be interested in whomever I am speaking with and show them I am all there. 2- Be more cognizant of my emotions and quicker to forgive other who offend me. 3- Live each day like it is the last (talk to the bird). Highly recommended. This is a must read if you have any desire to be a better person.

The Crucible

A book about the Salem witch trials and jealousy. I listen the the play done by the BBC staring Richard Dreyfus. If you get the chance I highly recommend it. This is an interesting time and speaks to how people can become overzealous and forgo logic and sound reasoning. This book / play will give you a bit to ponder. Enjoy!

Harry Potter: A History of Magic

This was a very interesting read. It reads like a discovery channel special. It talks about all the magic surrounding items discussed in the Harry Potter series. It was very interesting and delves into that unseeable world of magic. It struck me how the history of the creature plays into a lot of modern schools. Alchemy to chemistry for example. There are a number of texts that I will be spending some time learning and understanding. If you love Harry Potter or want to know more about the actual history of magic. Jump in and enjoy.