One of the most famous of Stephen King’s novels. This is a very long book and jumps forward and backward in time enough that you have to follow it closely. I am unsure if I am a huge fan of the book even though it is very well written. There is a certain “Stand By Me” quality to the book being a group of outcast kids dealing with the coming of age. This book is definitely well placed in the horror category. Read at your own risk.

The Answer

Book 53 of the Animorphs series. This would have been an interesting way to end the full series. But there is a final book. By far this book is more ruthless and war based than any of the others. Filled with personal justifications and deceptions it will keep you enraptured. I am excited to read the end of the series.

Talons of Power

Book 9 of the Wings of Fire. This was a really fun read. We get to see a lot more of what an animus dragon can do. This is Turtle’s tale and was one of my favorite books so far. I highly recommend this series. This was the first book so far where the scavengers really almost did not exist at all apart from a brief mention of them.

The Great Bike Race Mystey

Book 76 of the Boxcar Children series. This was a fun one as it was a mystery where the perpetrator actually went after the Alden children to some extent. Some of the stuff done could have injured people, albeit it is kept lighthearted. Good strong mystery with environmental undertones. Good demonstration of getting involved.

Escaping Peril

Book 8 of the Wings of Fire. This one was a great adventure following the skywing Peril. It was fun to have an in-depth view of this strange dragon and it really made the story great. I love when things seem their very best right before they become horrible. What a great way to create a new arc to this story. I do recommend this series.

The Sacrifice

Book 52 of the Animorphs. This book talks to where your allegiances lie are they with the place you were born or with the place you live in. I liked that. Of course this is a huge step in the war effort. We are now two books from the end and getting nearer to the conclusion has never been so apparent. Don’t miss this one.

The Absolute

Book 51 books of the Animorphs. What do you expect this close to the end of the series? The stakes are high and the battle is now on. What a great way to end the series having both sides using the morphing technology. Only three books left in the series. Buckle up it looks like it is going to be all out war.

The Ultimate

Book 50 of the Animorphs. This was a lot more dark than previous releases as the Animorphs prepare for the endgame. I am not sure if this was a vague attempt to say everyone regardless of disability has worth, but I think it fails its point. Still recommend you read it.

Skeleton Crew

This series of short stories by Stephen King does explore some of the darker sides of human fears. He shows his mastery of ending the tale leaving you to really decide the final outcome but with enough direction to have a good feel of where it is going. Several of these stories I think could have been flushed out to full novels, but are fantastic short stories. If you want to dabble in his writings to get a feel for his style, this would be a good example. Adult discretion is advised.