The Mystery of the Hot Air Balloon

Book 47 of the Boxcar Children. A decent Mystery about someone trying to sabotage a new business in town. Lucky the Boxcar Children are in the case. This was a fun short adventure that highlights the fun sport of hot air ballooning. The metaphor of people sabotaging things because they are afraid of change is a good lesson for kids to learn early. Recommend reading.

The Chocolate Sundae Mystery

Book 46 of the Boxcar Children series. The old ice cream parlor is the center of this mystery. Between cream missing and stuff being left out it seems that someone has it in for the new owner. Although it has plenty of twists the ending on this one felt too contrived. Another story of there are no bad guys. Not in my personal top ten, but not a bad little book.

The Power of Habit

I love to read about why we do the things we do. This is that book. It talks about the positive and negatives. Right at the end it talks a lot about unrecognized habits and ways we can find the driver of that habit. The problem I had was when they start trying to say that culpability is offset by unconscious habit. In the case of the man that murdered his wife. I could not get behind the idea of him not being guilty. But overall there are a lot of great methods outline for creating good habits and some good overall experiments that related to this area of study. If you ever wonder why you do what you do, I would recommend this book to you.

The Arrival

Book 38 of the Animorphs. This was of my favorites so far. There was some great destruction, but more than that we got to deepen Ax’s character. I do wish they would have added a new character to the team, but I guess not at this point. Lots of action and an exciting ending. I still recommend the series even after 38 books.

The Hostile Hospital

Book 8 of The Series of Unfortunate Events takes a drastic turn in a different direction. I am so excited that the author has broken formula and moved in a much different direction. Misfortune still follows the orphans, as does the crazy luck to get them out of hairy situations and right into worse. I am very excited for the next book.

The Vile Village

Book 7 of The Series of Unfortunate Events. This one was more tragedy for the orphans. However it feels like the series is taking a new step based on the ending of this one. The book was a great example of “group think” and the dangers that can happen with mob mentality. If the series I preferred this over most so far. Have yet to pick a favorite. Still high recommend.

The Ersatz Elevator

Book 6 of The Series of Unfortunate Events. Another set of guardians and another Olaf plot. This book was longer than the previous ones and there were more twists and turns, but result in a net zero ending. Looks like the orphans will be off to yet another guardian soon. Still loving the series and recommending it to those tough readers.


Why to bad things happen to good people? I wrote this book as a metaphor for 13 and up on dealing with tramatuc events in our lives. There is no magic wand to take away the suffering that we all go through when something unfortunate happens in our lives. How do we find our support system? Even when unknown triggers debilitate us. The story is about learning to live after just such an event. The title hounded has a dual meaning. The main character is being hounded from and unknown assailant, while mentally being hounded as he tries to go on with every day life. This book focuses on the symptoms of childhood PTSD, but could be of comfort to anyone out there struggling with their own internal demons. Why to bad things happen to good people?