The Reunion

Book 30 of the Animorphs. This was greatly exciting. The best part was that it left you wondering how much longer the charade would last. This was per usual and undecided victory. The action was high and the twists varied. I enjoyed this one but still wish for a little something more that the series feels like it is missing. Maybe just a real victory for once. Well maybe in the next book.

The Sickness

Book 29 of the Animorphs. What a cool opportunity to isolate and get to really know the quietest member of the team. A little different ending than expected but I think well done. The was a minor victory in a war but was a cool idea for a story. I enjoyed this one and recommend it as a don’t miss.

The Experiment

Book 28 of Animorphs. This was an intense read and yet ended up being unsatisfactory because of the ending. This is not one that effects the overall story arc and as fun as it was not necessary to the whole story. Still, read and enjoy.

The Exposed

Book 27 of Animorphs. This was a fun adventure that was almost two distinct parts. I wish this would have been two books instead of one as the second part has so many more possibilities. However, I did enjoy it and am excited for the next one.

The Mark

Book 8 of the Left Behind series. This book was a great middle book, but let you wanting more. There was less action in this one and more getting certain chess pieces in order. It is exciting to think that there are still seven books left. At some level you wonder how it could get any worse.

Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl

This classic as you can tell by the title is done in diary entries. As I became immersed in the story, I began to have a different view of the Holocaust. Granted we have guesses what happened in the end to this young lady, but it is haunting to visit the story of what could have been. I think a lot of us would allow more than we think to happen because we are lulled into believing it is not that bad. This book is a stark reminder that we all need to wake up and defend the liberties we enjoy in this country.

The Indwelling

Book 7 of the alert Behind series. This brings us to the half way point in the story arc. I felt that this was masterfully done. Some action scenes but a lot of the end of days details. This one was different that the others as it was focused on the death and resurrection of the Antichrist. It was marvelously done and looking forward to the rest of the series.

Shaman’s Revenge

Book 6 of the Way of the Shaman series. Loved this one. It was full of twists and turns. Spent the whole time trying to figure out who the bad guy was. The ending was perfect for the series. Surprised that there is still another book to go. Excited to see where the author takes it from this point. Still high recommend on reading this series.