The Murder Book

Alex Delaware is back only I felt he was more of a side character in this one. This book was more to do with Milo. I am a little mixed on this one as it was still a fun read and really great but far more different than the others. Also the language alone on this would push it far into the R rating. Not sure how I am feeling about the Robin relationship. I was very against her leaving him before, but this book put me far into the “just cut it off and get it over with” court. I really did feel like the author could have just said Robin went on tour and Alex missed her and been done with it. I did not feel that most of her story really added to the novel and really just made me want to be done with her. Maybe you’d feel differently but was not a big fan. Overall it was a good read and Milo even punched someone again so you have that to look forward to.

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