The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I must confess I never saw the movie so I have not idea how it compares. First warning this is what I would consider either high PG-13 or R. Leaning mostly toward an R rating. This book is very slow at the first and I almost quit several times but it was recommended to me so I kept with it. Overall the book is good, doubt it will be on my recommend list due to the above stated rating. The protagonist reminds me of the James Bond type in that he sleeps with anyone / everyone. It is mostly about a disgraced journalist who is going after a crooked businessman. That being said the last few chapters feel like a whole different book (think the hobbit with the scouring of the shire at the end). It just feels tacked on. Overall it was not exactly what I thought it would be. With dragon tattoo I was thinking some cool martial arts scenes, nope. Still not sure how the title matters, seems the band tattoo had more significance. Oh well, if you’re a fan and do not mind some mild sex scenes go ahead and take a listen.

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