Why Business People Speak Like Idiots (A bullfighter’s guide)

The author starts this book by talking about the jargon and catch phrases that we have all heard from senior management. The major point is that people either use these meaning less phrases (such as mind share) to sound smarter than they are or to hide a bad message. I have seen it both ways in my decade plus of experience in the workplace and no more so that now during this economic storm that we are all living through. The book goes from what others do to tips on how not to “be that guy” in our own companies. It is a short read and has several good stories illustrating the author’s point. While it is not my top recommendation for reading, I would still say I would love to see it catch on. Unfortunately we are not living in the times of the emperor’s new clothes and calling out senior management on their bull will not result in everyone singing your praises. I am very doubtful that business language will be changing any time soon. Here is to hoping it does.

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