The Trail to Seven Pines

Hopalong Cassidy is at it again. Out drawing and out smarting rustlers and bad guys all over. If you’re itching to try Westerns out I do not think you could do better than following the escapades of Cassidy. I really enjoyed the read and felt that harshness of this time and place. It is amazing to enjoy this time period with such a spectacular writer. He pulls you in and puts you right in the saddle. By the. End of the novel I am surprised I do not have saddle sores. Great read and I highly recommend, unless of course you are a low down polecat.


Does this novel redeem the writer after Rage? No, but I did enjoy this one. This was solid thriller but not my favorite in the series. Alex’s love life is still more unsolvable than any of the murder cases. That said we say Hi to an old friend and goodbye to another. Overall it will keep the pages turning and you guessing. Decent twist at the end but nothing earth shattering. All in all, this book is worth picking up in the series.


Alex Delaware is at it again, ticking off yet another girlfriend. This book was less thriller and more drama. You was fortunate that a friend warned me that the next few novels are not as good. Not that the writing gets worse, just that this one felt like it petered out in the end. Guess it leaves it more like a true crime, but the ending was lackluster. The best warning I can give is that this is not like the rest of the books thus far. Do not expect more and you’ll enjoy it fine.

Mystery Ranch

The next in the Boxcar Children series. This is a fun little book and still in that really young age group. I feel that the whole series would be strong to recommend for young children. All that said if you enjoyed them to this point then you’ll like this book. Just don’t expect any deep thoughts from it. This series is intended for a very young audience.

The Law of Nines

This is only the second book I have read by Terry Goodkind. It seemed to have similar plots from what I remember. This book is supposed to be the start of a new series and is stand alone and you would not need to read anything else to enjoy this. Realize this is a thriller and not a fantasy. That said it was good, but from a large name writer, it was not great. I did enjoy it but the part that threw me was how easy it was to kill people. Seems to me to be a little more Hollywood style fight scenes, necks being too easily snapped kind of things. Taken all together was not fantasy but had traces like it wanted to be. The way I see it is that this is a continuation of his previous work and so if you’re a fan then keep going. Being only the second book I am not yet that dedicated fan.

The Scarlet Letter

This is obviously a classic and like so many classics there are a lot of lessons that you can learn. I think every teenager should read this book. Just for the fact that even though she wrote the letter she continued doing the right thing until people no longer associated her transgression with her. No label determines who you are and can be. I can see this is a book I’ll be drawing on for parallels for years to come. If you have hesitated reading this one, pick it up. I always say that classics are classics for a reason. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Dungeon Madness

On the first book I enjoyed because of video game nostalgia. However, this book held my attention far better than the first and kept me rooted to spot. I am already excited to read the next in the series. I will recommend this series to others. The flow is perfect and the characters are a joy to follow. I am very excited to see where this series goes from this point. If you are wondering if this series is one you should pick up, I’m going to give you a solid yes.

Lights out

This is the story of the fall of GE. Having worked for them toward the end of the GE reign, right around the Alstom merger, this book appealed to me. There is plenty of bias in the story I am sure. However, it was neat to see what I had seen internally from another perspective. The book felt well researched and the narrative followed the things I saw. what I found interesting is that the book did not extol Welch and vilify Immelt, which I think is the standard narrative. This book more gave the information and let you decide. It is both sad and a warning that you’re never too big to fail. To me it is also an example of poor management practices. If you’re looking for a non-fiction book, you would enjoy this one.


Another of his novels not strictly focused on a psychosis, but enjoyable none the less. I think this novel was tamer both in sexual content and language, not that it would garner less than a R rating in the movies. Of the books so far this ending was by far my least favorite. I think it felt like the author got to the end and just said well got to wrap it up. This novel has a bit of an identity crisis and as such falls short of the mark. That all said. It was still a good book and if you’re a fan go ahead and pick it up.

The Rustlers of West Fork

Hopalong Cassidy the gun slinger is out to save the day again. Famous fast draw and military tactics are called into play as he is after another rustler. It is amazing how fun this novel is considering that it is full of people being shot and dying. If you’re looking into trying out a western you could do worse than this series.