The Pretender

Book 23 of the Animorphs. This was not the all out fire fight that previous books have been. Did it have a skirmish? Yes. But mostly it was steeped in character development for Tobias. This was an excellent view of a teenage boy trying to figure out who he is. The author nailed that albeit all the other characters became cardboard cutouts while we really honed in on the one character. I did enjoy the book and the pacing was good. No unbelievable things that throw you out of the story, like other stories have had in this series. This is a good one to pick up if you are enjoying the series.

Soul Harvest

This was book 4 in the Left Behind series. Still high paced action giving picture of life as we progress through the Book of Revelations. I enjoyed this one albeit I am uncertain how the twist they threw into this one lays out. You’ll have to see what you think. This book to me felt more like a book 2 in a trilogy. Just felt like we are building, but at the end I feel like we really are not that far from where book 3 left or gf as far as character growth. I am hoping that book 5 gets us a little more personal than this one. Still highly recommended for those looking for an end of the world Series.


Book 3 of the Left Behind series. If you want a gripping story that will pull you along and yet be a convincing interpretation of the final days as outlined by the Book of Revelations then this series will keep you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend it this far even if you’re not a believer. The story keeps you so focused that you just keep asking what is next. Although some parts remind me of Raiders off the Lost Ark, the escape part (you’ll know it when you read it) a lot of the rest of it seems very plausible. What a fun book to read just before Easter.

The Solution

This is book 22 of the Animorphs. This book is very dark and is the end of the mini series. Although I really enjoyed it, I would warm younger readers again these three books until they could handle the dark subject matter. If I were to grade these three books against all the others so far they would rank 1,2,3. I really liked this piece of the overall story arc.

The Threat

Book 21 of the Animorphs. This was as exciting as the last one. I like the overall theme of this mini part of the series. The last book and this one both ended in a “to be continued”. This is a new ploy by the author to get you excited for the next book and yet the author is still trying to keep them stand-alone. Thinking about that makes me wish that the author would choose one way or the other. Even if it is just for the mini series. Needless to say that I did enjoy this one and will head into the next novel.

The Stand

This is a very long read and worth every word. After spending 2020 talking about Covid this book sure has a lot of relevance. Such an interesting idea and moving characters. A lot of points to ponder that make this a gem. The plot keeps you reading and enjoying. Just remember to never trust your heart to one of Stephen King’s characters. I do like the supernatural pulls from the forces moving the people along. If you are toying with the idea, pick this one up and relive Covid on a much deadlier scale.

The Discovery

Book 20 of the Animorphs. Probably my favorite of the series so far. And the first to be continued. This was exciting and full throttle. The humor was good. The characters were not as whiny as usual and an overall good plot. Top of my top 10 for the series so far. I recommend picking this one up if you’re on the fence about the series.

The Departure

Book 19 of the Animorphs. This was a great read. I love when a book gives you another way to think about a problem. This was such a book. For the series this one hits the top ten. If you’re reading through the series, do not miss this one. It was a definite breath of fresh air.


This was a retelling of the old Rumpelstiltskin fairytale. It was a clever spin, but I had a hard time getting through it. I am not sure even why I struggled. While I was a huge fan of the Lunar Chronicles, this just did not engage me in the same way. This book does end with a lead into a next book. If you do choose to pick this one up, I hope it resonates with you better than it did with me.