Winds of Fate

Book 3 of Feyroll. This was a fun book in the series. Got to love adventures in the fridge north. If you love Vikings you’ll love this installment. An impossible quest and old acquaintances. The series has hit stride. Since we have been west, east, and now north the only way left is to the south. The game works in this appears to be based on our world, so I am expecting that we are headed for the Amazon. This was a good one and would still highly recommend the series.

The Road East

Book 2 of Fayroll. This was a great second novel. A lot of setup hooks and preparation for the rest of the series. This book feels like a lot of ground work, but it surprises me that there are 12 books in the series right now. Although at least this book slowed down the insanely fast leveling. I don’t feel like the story has hit its stride yet but I think we are close. I expect that to happen in the next book. Still a high recommend that can easily extend to the YA community. if you’re looking for a RPGLit book to read. This would be a great one to pick up.

More Than A Game

Book 1 of Feyroll. This Russian author has created a wonderful immersive RPGLit book that will keep you going right through the end. I am surprised at the level up speed as it almost felt like it was going too fast for believability. Aside from that, tremendous bad guys, good fight scenes, and strange quests set up the next novel to knock it out of the park. It will be interesting to see how he keeps this running as it acts like a stand alone novel. All in all well done. Strong recommend for the YA crowd or anyone wanting to try an RPGLit novel.

The Hurricane Mystery

Book 54 of the Boxcar Children. Something strange is a foot right after a hurricane. Pirates, Hidden treasure, and all. It is up to the Alden children to sort this mess out and right in the middle of the whole thing is a thief. Not to worry though they will have this solved before dinner time.

The Body

This is the book that inspired the movie “Stand By Me” and if you’re a child of the 80’s a well loved classic. This book and the movie are very similar and was a pleasant stroll down memory lane. There are a few parts I could have done without. To me it is like the R rated movies that just throw in a couple of scenes to get the rating even though the whole would have been better without it. Not to try to tell one of the greatest of all times how to do his job, just would be my personal preference. It is a great adventure read overall and a good coming of age story. That said I would only recommend it to the same audience of an R rated movie.

The Guide Dog Mystery

Book 53 of the Boxcar Children. Can you think of anything worse than stealing someone’s guide dog? I couldn’t. It is ok because the Alden children are on the case. This was a fantastic ride with some good red herrings. Maybe it was just that I really want this perpetrator caught. A quick happy story ending in justice.

The Cursed Carnival and Other Calamities

This is a varied collection of short stories that I believe are continuations from each author’s main body of work. To me it was like I was coming in the middle of the movie on each story. They were all well written but I think I need to spend a little more time with each of the authors to really understand their characters. Overall I really enjoyed it and do recommend it, I just hope you have a little more background than I did.

The End

Book 13 of a Series of Unfortunate Events. This is the end of the series and I feel it stayed true to the rest of the story. It was a nice close. I was curious how he would end this and am glad that he took this way to end it. I do recommend the series as a whole.

The Penultimate Peril

Book 12 of The Series of Unfortunate Events. This was interesting. The orphans are in the middle of all the villains and good guys. They themselves seem to be straddling that line between good and bad. It will be interesting to see how it all ends in the next book.

The Familiar

Book 41 of Animorphs. This was a fantastic look at a possible future. This was unlike any in the series and still leaves you with more questions than answers. I like that at some level the author is addressing how hard a secret would be to keep inside a household. Regardless a nice dystopian feel although very bleak. I like also how this acknowledges that our decisions could create lasting changes in other people.