The 21 Most Powerful Minutes

John C. Maxwell is one of my favorites. I have yet to read / listen to any of his works and not gain a far greater insight. I did not do the program as outlined, but will at some future point. Albeit serendipitous that I read this on the heels of another Christian leadership book. I felt that it simply added to the overall message. If you are looking to be a leader, I would recommend reading all of Maxwell’s books.

Winning the War in Your Mind

This book was very well thought out and presented. This is a Christian approach to controlling who you are becoming and what you think. The author does use a number of Bible verses to illustrate his points and the narrative is both informative and entertaining. If you’re looking to better who you are, this little book might be the right answer for you. I loved especially the tips for overcoming the negative narrative that we have. If you are looking to improve your life, I would recommend this read.


Alex Delaware at it again. Tracking down another killer. I did enjoy this novel. This was an interesting twist as it ties to his work for once, but not just because it is a psychosis. The pacing is perfect and kept me going chapter after chapter. Lots of twists to keep you guessing. If you’re looking for a fun thriller, I would recommend this one.


Jonathan Kellerman is back on pace and this Alex Delaware novel is no exception. To be honest, I was waiting for a twist that never came in the end simply because of stuff pointed out earlier in the book. Almost feels like they got the wrong killer. But it was a good one and the pacing keeps you reading. If you’re this far into the series you know you are here for a reason. This one does not fail to entertain.

Schoolhouse Mystery

The Alden children are at it again. I was delighted to find this little nugget. While a lot of the stories feel forced or unnaturally coincidental, this is the second that made me sit up and notice. Albeit nothing about the reading level / simplicity of the Boxcar Children novels changes with this story, it flows better and is more delight some. The is the second book in the series that I give a strong like to as it simply sang off the page. If you’ve read these or wanted to pick one up to try this storyline in the series shows why the author was able to publish nearly 160 novels about these characters.


This is a must read. What would Robin Hood or Aladdin be at a much later date and in the London. If you are looking for a Terry Pratchett novel that is a historical fantasy but does not lack his storytelling ability. If you want to be swept up in the world of old England’s sewers, well, there is no better way. Our pal Dodger is a streetwise youth that uses his brains and caring nature to help those around him. Especially little Ms. Simplicity as she brings no end of trouble to him. I highly recommend this one.


A good old fashion serial killer on the loose. Bodies are piling up and they are gruesome at that. Twists and turns lead us deep into the dark past that holds the answers to who is doing this. As with the last novel Kellerman is back on his game and you cannot help but get sucked in and forced to the end in an enjoyable roller coaster ride of emotion. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Finally I feel like we are back to normal in the chronicles of Alex Delaware. This book has what several of the last ones lacked. I am truly excited to see where the next one leads us. Is this an adult themed novel? Yes. Language? Yes. Enjoyable? a big yes. If you have followed this far this is a shouldn’t miss. I can say that about several of the last ones. After reading West Palm Beach Murders it was nice to be in the hands of a storyteller again. Oh and great twist at the end wrapping it all together. Pure masterpiece.

Mountain Top Mystery

The Boxcar children are at it again. How could a simple hike turn into an ordeal? I am thinking they grew up and went on a “3 hour boat ride” But I still have a clear favorite. The series is interesting enough to keep going, however I am very grateful the books are short.

The Lighthouse Mystery

Albeit I was delighted with the last boxcar children. This was back to the normal. Not that I dislike these little middle reader books. It was a cute one where the lighthouse was the least part of the whole mystery. It was just setting. But that is ok. There is still strange goings ons and problems to solve. Overall would be highly enjoyable to any young read as the writing is pretty timeless.