Bad Love

Alex Delaware is at it again. This time he is in the crosshairs. Robin is more of a fixture now. No more “Jame Bond-esque” trysts with the ample amount of attractive women. If you have read the series this far, you do not need to be sold on the author. This one does have a good twist to it and good red herrings to keep you guessing. I do think this one felt a tad more obscure like the author nearly forced the least likely person into the role. Other than that it was a good read if your ok with very overly male writing.

Devil’s Waltz

Alex Delaware has a new case and this time it revolves around a child who mysteriously keeps getting ill without any cause. The author does a good job at misdirect through most of the novel however I think I would have preferred seeing it go another direction just to see how the author would have handled it. That said good pacing and good who done it / is doing it. Lots of mystery and intrigue.

Seeing Redd

This is the second book in the Looking Glass Wars series. The entertainment value remains high in this franchise as story line and pacing remain good. This book is an obvious builder for the next / conclusion book. That said there is still plenty going on. A new villain is introduced with sexism so overt it mostly leaves him flat. Even worse is that he is eclipsed by Redd. The end of this novel makes us believe he will be more of a threat in the upcoming conclusion. Dispute that I am still enjoying the series and am excited for its conclusion.

Sons of Destiny

This was the final installment of the series and I am not sure on book 12 if there is a good way to end it. This was as good as any, but I am still mixed at part 2 of the book and whether it was necessary. All that said I was a fitting end to Daren Shan’s story and the series will still be on my recommended list.

Lord of the Shadows

Second to last book in the series and is a builder. This is exactly what you would expect to prepare for the conclusion. However, it was paced enough to keep you reading and is forcing me to read the last book now and not after a few more. We are full circle in a lot of ways with this book, but I am very interested in how the author will conclude it. This series is still on my recommended list, which is hard after 11 books. We will see how I feel at the conclusion of book 12.

The Lake of Souls

This novel focuses on Harkat to answer the question of who was he. This book is a break from the war of the scars and instead focuses is in on Harkat and Daren. Even though, at this point in the progression, this seems irrelevant to the story arc, it was still a good read and recommended. If you’re this far in the series we’re coming down to the conclusion and reviews should hardly be the thing to keep you reading. That said I still say hang in there for the upcoming conclusion.

Surprise Island

This is the second book in the Boxcar Children series. It is a short book and the series is a classic. However, I never read them as a kid. They are a little Brady Bunch for me at this point, with with all the dark novels I’ve been reading it was a welcome change. If you’re looking for fun kid adventures these books will be right up you alley.

The Desolations of Devil’s Acre

As a conclusion for the series this book does not disappoint. If you have enjoyed the peculiar children, then you will be glad to enjoy this ending. The pacing is really good and only the very end let’s you know that it is the end and the final battle is great. If you’ve not started the series, do yourself a favor and read this 6 novel series and immerse yourself in the hidden world of the peculiars.

Private Eyes

This installment was a lot more detective mystery than thriller, which isn’t to say I did not enjoy it. This book was written in 1992 and certain thoughts and opinions still show through even with a reference to Magnum PI. Oh well all in all it was a good read with some interesting concepts / maladies that I had not seen before. If you’ve been reading along, you will enjoy this too.

Killers of the Dawn

Could this series get darker? The answer is yes. This book is definitely the setup for the end of the series. This is the next step in the hero’s journey for Darrin Shan. The pacing stays quick and we get new revelations and twists. If you’ve followed so far, you’ll like this one too. Albeit, don’t expect happily ever after.