A nonfiction book focused on how to get more out of less land. I do like that the author focuses on sustainability and has a lot of helpful information on taking your garden to the next level. This is a great beginning book to see what you r be doing wrong or could do better. Topics do range into composting and soil testing. There is a portion about raising chickens which was interesting as well.

Clans War

Book 7 of the Way of the Shaman. This was a great conclusion to the series. I liked the wrap up. Overall the series is one I would recommend to a mature audience. I loved the this latest installment I would rather this have taken three or four more books because I really would have loved more in-depth artificer building. Check this one out.

The Tower of Nero

Book 5 and the final book in the Apollo Trials. I have enjoyed all of the “Percy Jackson” series and spin-offs this book being no exception. Lots of action and last minute saves from the jaws of defeat. I did like how this book wrapped up the series with a hint that a new series is on the horizon.

Men and Women of Christ

In this book Neal A Maxwell talks about what it means to be a follower of Christ. His focus is what it means and also how we make choices that bring us closer or draw us further away. Toward the end he begins to talk about what it means to be perfect and how we can strive for that in our lives. The book held a lot of scriptural references combine with beautiful language and complex grammar really focuses you on the nuances of the message.

The Drawing of the Three

This was the second book in the Dark Tower series. Odd and twisted but keeps you focused on what is going on. Lots of action tons of crazy. The master story teller keeps you tied to a strange but very normal feeling cast of characters. As with any Stephen King book, content could be disturbing to immature minds and even very sensitive individuals. Reader beware.

The Mutation

Animorphs book 36. This was another exciting undersea adventure. You knew this story was coming when we started playing a lot in the ocean. Oh well, it was a little different take on the story. I’ll let you read it to know which story. It is still a fun series. Glad for all the magical healing or they would have been so dead so long ago.

The Proposal

Animorphs book 35. This was great action and crazy Marco antics. The pacing felt right, but I still have mixed feelings about the ending. Overall the series continues to entertain albeit we still feel a long way from the main characters making any real headway in the overarching storyline. Still I do recommend this one.

Who Moved My Cheese

I have read this short book a couple of times. My favorite part is “What would you do if you had no fear?” We could all use to move forward instead of being paralyzed whether by fear or mad that or cheese is gone. This is worth picking up, especially if you’re feeling stuck or discouraged in your life’s direction.

Kingdom Come

Book 13 in the Left Behind series. This is the conclusion to the series. This continues a deep speculation that really started in the last book. The beginning repeats the end of the last book and then the book drags for a while when all the sudden it is rushed to a conclusion. The pacing for this novel was way off. But to balance it out the conclusion ties everything up while managing to be anticlimactic. Overall a good series and on the recommended list.