Book 2 and I am really enjoying this series. Still wishing I could play this game. Of course it looks like it would be a full time job. That aside if you are looking for just a fun read. Nothing too in depth as far as underlying messages. Just good old fashion hack and slash with lots of discovery. I am excited to read the third book in this series. If you are just looking for a fun novel to read pick this up.

How to Read Nature

This book should have been how to stop and smell the roses. It was more a book about how to get back in touch with nature. The book had several exercises that would help you commune better with nature. In the high stress world we live in any chance to get outside of the hustle and bustle and get back to nature is healing. There are several exercises from this book that I will incorporate into my nature walks.


This one is better. More like the older Alex Delaware novels. Still not the same as the old. The main focus of this novel was transgender. I do have to say that I like the novels where Alex is threatened better, maybe in upcoming novels. His personal life is not in the shambles which really does not allow for any personal growth. We need more detectives like this that never sleep or maybe we have them. Sure does not make you want to live that life. Regardless the novel is good if not perfect and moves along nicely. There were a few places that felt threadbare, but aside from that, if you have read this far – then you know what you will get.


Alex again psychotherapying his way to solving those baffling cases that leave the LA PD scratching their heads. No case too cold. The was a bit off the beaten path and definitely different than his other works. I did enjoy it and move through it quickly. This book feels like a bit of a stretch, if most people had this much drama in their lives the folks in Hollywood would go out of business. The whole beginning I felt was a waste as it really was not related to the rest and f the story. The twist was only “meh”. Other than that it was a fun read and if you’ve read this far it should prevent you from moving on. Adult topics discussed and language would put this in the mature adult section.

The House of the Scorpion

This is a highly acknowledged work and so I had to pick it up. To start with it is a future dystopian novel. I really enjoyed this novel and was impressed with the inequality as discussed throughout the work. It is a happily ever after type book so be aware going in. If you’re looking for a good book that will grab you pull you in and not let go, open this one up. It was refreshing to have a South American feel to it. My assumption is the area is north of Mexico and south of Texas near the Gulf of Mexico. I like that it tackles topics like human rights/racism/bigotry and others from a separate view then is normally done. It is being read by my 8th grader son and I think it will really benefit him.

The White Company

This is a story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and though I did not enjoy it nearly as I did all of the Sherlock Holmes novels, I am still glad I read it. Adventure and intrigue from the times that knights rode. Great lessons in chivalry and honor. Things that are lacking now a days. Although I have heard modern tales that do rival the tales of bravery in this story. If you are looking for a writer that will transport you to a past that feels real enough to be reading a history book, look no further that this. Be warned that it is a tough read as the language is poetically written and takes some focus to understand. Highly recommend.

The Ritualist

If you enjoyed Divine Dungeon then Dakota Krout is at it again. Taking the subject matter of Ready Player 1. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others. It is fun and makes you want to play the game too. I think most gamers would love a game you can play and it pays for your lifestyle. Maybe cryptocurrency is our first steps to getting there. I also love the idea of gaining real world knowledge to add to the game and the game imbuing real world knowledge. All in all it is a fun read.


A nice dystopian future novel. Is it to be a warning of where we are heading. I don’t think much more than any other dystopian novel. Loved the work and enjoyed the pacing the author had. The twist in the end was no unforeseen but was wishing that it would have been a little more sinister. The final match with the magician should have been / could have been more exciting. All in all it is a recommend, but be aware there is some language to deal with. Other than that it wasn’t so prolific to be too terrible. If you want to try something a little different. Pick this one up.

Mike’s Mystery

Another fun adventure with the boxcar children. I really like these little stand alone novels that tie into previous novels. This was a short fun read. Just remember these were written more in the Brady Bunch era and so they can be a tad cheesy read with a modern eye.