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Allies of the Night

This was book 8 of the series and as fast paced as usual. Old friends join us in this latest adventure. Albeit the final twists are not as surprising as one would expect, it definitely leaves you on a cliff hanger. If you have enjoyed the story this far, this latest story will not disappoint.

The Looking Glass Wars

I have read several retakes on the Alice in Wonderland story. I do have to say that this one was well done. I picked it up because it was required reading for my 13 year old. The reimagining of the characters was pleasant as was it being a different storyline. This one will not disappoint […]

Silent Partner

Book 4 of the Alex Delaware series. The psychologist is at it again solving issues and sleeping with more women than James Bond. Given the time period the writing is understandable, however the female characters do remain cardboard cut outs / damsels in distress. I was hoping for a total different direction on the ending, […]

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