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Bad Love

Alex Delaware is at it again. This time he is in the crosshairs. Robin is more of a fixture now. No more “Jame Bond-esque” trysts with the ample amount of attractive women. If you have read the series this far, you do not need to be sold on the author. This one does have a […]

Devil’s Waltz

Alex Delaware has a new case and this time it revolves around a child who mysteriously keeps getting ill without any cause. The author does a good job at misdirect through most of the novel however I think I would have preferred seeing it go another direction just to see how the author would have […]

Seeing Redd

This is the second book in the Looking Glass Wars series. The entertainment value remains high in this franchise as story line and pacing remain good. This book is an obvious builder for the next / conclusion book. That said there is still plenty going on. A new villain is introduced with sexism so overt […]

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