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Book Reviews

The Camp-Out Mystery

Book 27 of the Boxcar Children. I did enjoy this, however it is not my favorite of the recent ones it still is following the same structure and thus is far better than the earlier novels. What do you do when strange things begin happening in your campground? If you’re the Alden’s then you begin […]

Dragon Curse

Unwanteds Quests book 4. This was very much a mid series book. Plenty of action but everything setting the stage for the big conclusion. To the overall series, I am not sure that this book really changes anything. We will have to wait for the end of the series to find out, but it really […]

The Mystery of the Mixed-Up Zoo

Book 26 of the Boxcar Children. Those Alden children cannot even go to the zoo without being neck deep in a mystery. This one was a lot of fun with enough suspects to keep Scooby-Doo guessing. Loving the deeper mysteries and glad to see the direction the series is going. Looking forward to the next […]

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