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When the bough breaks

So this is the first novel I have read by Jonathon Kellerman. It is a little dated having been published in 1985. That being said it was still a fun thriller to read. The pacing was nice. I find it funny that it is a Doctor named Alex for those who follow my Alex Cross […]

A Tale Dark and Grimm

Hansel and Gretel retold in a different way. This time a series of stories from traditional Brothers Grimm. It is a bit gorey and I would not recommend it for younger readers. But if you have older teenagers they would enjoy it. The devil and a dragon even feature, which should delight any fantasy YA […]

The Boxcar Children

Interesting the style of writing and how it has changed since 1977. I have never read these, but really harkens to a Tom Sawyer type feel. Short and fun read and appropriate even for young children.

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