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Diary of a Dummy

Book 10 in the SlappyWorld spin-off. This one features Slappy and some new tricks. Also a new member of the cast that seems to contradict the story to date. Seems odd to suddenly veer off. I hope the author comes back and irons this out. If he does not this book seems in contradiction to […]

Deadly Cross

Ok. I know. Guilty pleasure time again. Of course I am enjoying another Alex Cross novel, don’t judge me too harshly. Obviously this is not an objective review as I really do like what James Patterson has done with the characters over time. That said, “I hate you James for this book.” Actually, love the […]

Elon Musk

This biography by Ashlee Vance gives insight into this larger than life business tycoon. If you think you would like to be like an Elon Musk or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, I would challenge you to learn a little more about them. This book gives not only insight to the man but a fair […]

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