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The Divine Gift of Forgiveness

A book on the redemptive power of repentance. This book dives into topics about forgiving other and finding forgiveness for yourself. The book is broken up into topics and refers a lot to scriptural texts. If you’re trying to find peace and joy in your life this is a good book to pick up.

Podkayne of Mars

If you are a Robert Heinlein fan then you will get that this book is true to his form. It ends unexpectedly almost like it wanted it to be more and yet it wasn’t. Low on my recommend list just because it ended abruptly and I am not sure how the ending fits with any […]

The Life of Pi

I enjoyed the background and insights to animals and zoos. That has nothing to do with the shipwreck portion. I love the two viewpoints of the same experience, leaving it to the reader what really happened. The story moves well and keeps you turn the pages. This is a story you will not regret reading.

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