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Book Reviews

The Resistance

Book 47 of the Animorphs. This ones stands out from the others. It has a cool parallelism drawn between the storyline and the Civil War. The ending is a bit confusing from the journals point of view, but is otherwise a great story and I recommend not missing this one.

The Talisman

A markedly Stephen King novel. A great cross country novel with echos of “The Body”. Overall it is a good read. There are parts that seem long and this is defiantly not for children. We see glimpses of Stephen Kings own drug issues as we move through this book. The point of a boy setting…

The Beginning

Book 1 of the Dark Paladin series. As most people know, I am a Vasily Mahanenko fan boy. This series is far less polished than the other two I have read. This leaves me feeling that this must be an older series. I see certain aspects that permeate all of his writing worlds. This is…

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