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Book Reviews

The Mystery of the Hot Air Balloon

Book 47 of the Boxcar Children. A decent Mystery about someone trying to sabotage a new business in town. Lucky the Boxcar Children are in the case. This was a fun short adventure that highlights the fun sport of hot air ballooning. The metaphor of people sabotaging things because they are afraid of change is […]

The Chocolate Sundae Mystery

Book 46 of the Boxcar Children series. The old ice cream parlor is the center of this mystery. Between cream missing and stuff being left out it seems that someone has it in for the new owner. Although it has plenty of twists the ending on this one felt too contrived. Another story of there […]

Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

This is a prequel novel to the hunger games that gives is insight into the person of President Cornelius Snow. I get that he is the villain. But, the about face the end of this book does feels artificial. A lot of the book is dry so I only recommend this to avid Hunger Game […]

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