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Science Fictions

How real are all of those scientific break throughs? Albeit it is worrisome to think that all of the science data could be called into question, I think it would be worse to close our eyes to the thoughts brought up in this book. After reading this I wonder how broad these issues are in […]

Hunters of the Dusk

Yet more in the saga of Darren Shan, half vampire. This time he must leave vampire mountain in search of the would be vampire lord. Back on the road again with familiar faces and some new ones. Will they be able to stop him in time?

My Friend Slappy

The latest in SlappyWorld novels. This was a good read and different while being the same. This is an enjoyable novel and I would recommend it to read. Not too scary. This does deal with violence and bullying but I think the violence isn’t really repeatable so I would not worry too much based on […]

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