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Alex Delaware is taking on much larger fish in this one. Almost James Bond level in my opinion. Still the series is sliding further and further from its roots. Also, moving further and further from the believable coincidental. Will I keep reading the series? Yes. Am I hoping for something a little more mentally twisted? […]

Survival Quest

Another of the RPGLit books. I so far do not hate them. This one was good with some good pacing, albeit I am hoping a lot of the hooks are for coming books, otherwise a lot of this book could have been left out. That said, the plot line was good, with just the removal […]


Haunting Alex Delaware novel. This one was good and I enjoyed it. The pacing was good and it had a decent twist. That said there is some good and bad with this novel. Overall, I did enjoy it. But it had some identity crisis in what it wanted to be. We spend a bunch of […]

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