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The Murder Book

Alex Delaware is back only I felt he was more of a side character in this one. This book was more to do with Milo. I am a little mixed on this one as it was still a fun read and really great but far more different than the others. Also the language alone on […]

The Storyteller’s Secret

This book dives into the art of storytelling, but from the perspective of how we communicate with each other on a day to day basis. I feel that if you are studying persuasion learning the art of storytelling will really benefit you. The book does keep you engaged even though it is non-fiction and really […]

Flesh and Blood

Alex in the thick of it again. This was not my favorite so far but was still pretty good. Defiantly mature audience advised. This one felt a little like it was jumping around in the beginning as though it was not sure where to go. Even looking back there are parts that feel mashed together […]

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